How to choose a gift for Christmas and New Year for each zodiac sign: ingenious tips

What to give each sign for Christmas and New Year

It's a magical time of Christmas ornaments, trees, tinsel, gingerbread and holiday preparations. On the eve of Christmas and the New Year, everyone is busy looking for gifts for their family, friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that gifts turn out to be unsuccessful or completely useless. Astrologers told us what each zodiac sign will definitely like.


Aries loves practical gifts or presents that match their hobbies. Ideal gifts would be computer or board games, educational accessories, creative kits, training certificates, etc. Aries will also like a ticket to a trip or a concert of their favorite band. The best gift will be any electronic gadgets: from headphones or smartwatches to laptops and smartphones. Talismans, figurines, or Christmas decorations are unlikely to appeal to Aries.


Taurus will appreciate originality when choosing a gift. Particularly fastidious representatives will be happy to receive a luxurious limited edition present. You can give expensive cosmetics, jewelry, a spa set, or a certificate for a massage or salon. People of this zodiac sign also value comfort and do not like cheap, unnecessary things at all. They appreciate expensive and high-quality gifts.


Geminis are interested in absolutely everything and are open to new ideas. The perfect gift will be one that will contribute to their self-development. Gemini is definitely happy to receive educational gifts in the form of language courses, puzzles, board games, and books. They will also like creative gifts. However, practical household items make Gemini bored, so it's better to avoid vacuum cleaners, cleaning kits, pans, or dishes.


Cancers are very emotional and attach great importance to relationships with loved ones. Therefore, the perfect gift for them is one that they can use at home. You can buy a cookie baking set, a rug, home decor, a photo frame, a warm blanket, or even slippers. Cancers will also like collectible gifts: these can be certain types of books, diaries, records of their favorite artist, or any jewelry. Cancers do not like surprises, so it is better to give them standard traditional gifts.


Gifts for Leos should emphasize their unique style. Try to choose something exclusive, at least a personalized expensive pen or a personalized notebook. Note that Leos appreciate luxury and good quality. Don't buy cheap, tacky, and ordinary things, especially when it comes to household appliances. Avoid buying gifts at bazaars. Leos will appreciate festive wrapping and a Christmas card.


Virgos will definitely appreciate practical gifts. You can even give them household items, such as kitchen towels or a set of glasses. A variety of fragrances, candle holders, well-packaged coffee, etc. are also suitable. Virgos usually lead a healthy lifestyle, so they will be happy to receive sportswear, exercise mats, and various attributes. However, Virgos are unlikely to appreciate historical books and brightly colored clothes.


Libras value three things in life: harmony, stability, and beauty. Therefore, gifts should be visually appealing. Libra is not very interested in practicality, the main thing is aesthetics. They will be happy with even Christmas tree ornaments, decorative boxes, or porcelain figurines. Libra will also like exclusive jewelry, perfumes, and sweets. An invitation to a restaurant or an elegant party will be a great gift. Take care of the beautiful packaging because carelessly decorated gifts will spoil the aesthetic festive mood.


Scorpios appreciate creativity, emotions, and new experiences. An ideal gift would be a ticket to a quest where Scorpios can make full use of their puzzle-solving abilities. Another great gift for people of this zodiac sign is a book, preferably a detective or a thriller. Never give Scorpios standard gifts like a toolbox or a kitchen set. They are also unlikely to appreciate perfumes.


Sagittarians love travel and excitement, so you should buy them travel accessories, a vacation package, board games, and cards. Sagittarius will also be happy with a ticket to a big party, a camera or a video camera. Boring standard gifts are unlikely to appeal to Sagittarius.


Capricorns should receive branded cosmetics, household appliances, or elegant jewelry. Artistic photographs, paintings, or elegant home decorations will also bring a lot of joy. Capricorns will not appreciate humorous gifts such as mugs or clothes with funny inscriptions.


The perfect gift for Aquarius should be eco-friendly, practical, and stylish. For example, electronic gadgets, natural cosmetics, or exquisite jewelry. Aquarians don't like standard things. So don't buy them clothes in chain stores, second-hand stores, or bazaars. Traditional Christmas decorations are also not to their taste.


Pisces will appreciate a handmade gift. A handmade scarf or hat can make emotional Pisces happy. You can also give books, live plants, and interesting flavors. Pisces, however, will not be happy with tickets to a big holiday, household appliances and linen sets.

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