How often you should change your water bottle: tips to avoid illnesses

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How often do I need to change my water bottle?

We have no idea how many bacteria and germs are on the neck of a refillable bottle. Of course, in addition to regular replacement, you need to wash the container properly every day after use.

Proper cleaning is the main factor in preventing any illnesses caused by germs inside the bottle or around the lids. The Mirror explains how to know when it's time to buy a new reusable water bottle.

It's a popular trend to carry a reusable container with you to keep your body optimally hydrated. It is more environmentally friendly and economical than buying a new plastic bottle every time.

Refusing to use plastic will help reduce pollution, and last year, Refill said that almost 60% of respondents switched to reusable bottles.

Experts advise changing glass bottles every two to three years, and plastic bottles once a year. Stainless steel versions need to be replaced only when they are worn or damaged. Researchers recommend investing in protective accessories such as covers or cases that are specifically designed to prevent damage.

Reusable bottles should be disinfected regularly to prevent bacteria from building up. This can also help extend their lifespan. Modern bottles are often equipped with features that make cleaning easier, such as wide openings, removable lids, or dishwasher safe features.

Some refillable bottles have an antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold.

It is important to replace seals and lids on time to maintain functionality and prevent leaks. Avoid direct sunlight or low temperatures.

Dr. Jamie Wynne advises looking for a bottle without BPA.

"Disposable plastic bottles can contain harmful chemicals, such as bisphenol A, which can leach into water, especially when exposed to heat or prolonged use," the doctor emphasized.

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