How not to gain weight in the cold season: nutritionist's secrets

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Do not be afraid of the cold and do not forget about activity - these are the main secrets

Every winter, many of us wonder how to keep from putting on weight by spring. After all, in the cold season, you want to eat more, and the desire to move disappears. And this is a direct path to extra pounds.

Alex Ruaney, a researcher at University College London and a nutritionist, told The Times what to do in winter to avoid unwanted weight gain.

First of all, Ruani suggests not to be lazy and regularly engage in high-intensity interval training. They are the most effective in burning fat, but it is better to choose exercises with a specialist, taking into account all health features. If you want not only to keep the weight off but also to lose weight by spring, then take care of the appropriate nutrition, the nutritionist points out.

The expert also advises not to be afraid of the cold - take cool baths in water at a temperature of about 20-25 degrees and go outside more often. To stay warm, your body will spend more calories than usual, and at the same time improve your metabolism.

Ruani also reminds us of the dangers of evening and nighttime snacks. In winter, they are especially insidious. Therefore, the researcher advises to stop eating about 3-4 hours before bedtime.

The nutritionist also advised to pay attention to free weight training. According to Ruani, studies show that such training can reduce the risk of obesity by 30% compared to those who engage in other types of activity or do not exercise at all. For those who plan to take up this sport for the first time, the scientist recommends not rushing to barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells with all their enthusiasm at once, but rather start with lightweight equipment and gradually increase it.

As for his straightforward profile, Ruani emphasized that nothing prolongs the feeling of satiety like a large amount of fiber in the diet. He advises to look for it in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and whole grain products. The expert also urged to eat a serving of unsweetened yogurt without additives once a day to help maintain the health of the intestinal flora, which is important for both overall health and slimness. This product is also rich in protein, which means it will help keep you feeling full.

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