How not to fall on a slippery road: the main rules

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Ice can cause injuries, but it is quite possible to protect yourself

This year's winter has been quite cold, with frosts at night, which regularly causes roads to become icy. This increases the risk of falls and injuries on the street. However, it is possible to protect yourself from such trouble.

OBOZ.UA asked about life hacks to avoid falling on slippery roads. Here is what professionals advise.

Choose the right shoes

The most stable shoes on icy roads are those that have a sole made of a material that does not harden in the cold. If it does harden, no tread will save you from falling. By the way, the tread itself is also important as you need to choose the most corrugated, embossed sole.

Buy cleats with spikes

Special spikes on cleats will help to significantly increase stability on ice. Some models are inserted into the recesses of the shoe but do not fit every pair, while others can be put on any boots or shoes with the help of special straps. It doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing, but the plaster looks even worse and is also very uncomfortable.

Make such a pad yourself

Even if you just stick pieces of sandpaper on the sole, the grip of the shoe will increase significantly. It's important to use a waterproof adhesive because you'll be driving on wet roads. For the same reason, sticking a band-aid on your shoes won't work as it will get wet very quickly and fall off.

You can also apply a few drops of glue to the sole in different cities, and when it dries, rub it with sandpaper until it is rough. This protection will wear off quickly, but it will protect you from falling for up to a week.

Install protective pads

Polyurethane pads can be quite effective, and they can be installed in any shoe shop. You can even have them hissed if you want. Some people also install metal elements with spikes. The latter make a rather loud clatter when walking, but they do not wear out longer and protect well against falls.

Walk on ice correctly

Moving on slippery roads also requires proper footing. The first and foremost rule is to take your time. Walk carefully, bending your knees slightly, and take a step with your entire foot at once.

It is important not to keep your hands in your pockets. This will help you catch your balance if you start to lose your footing. In addition, swinging your arms while walking helps balance your body.

If you have a quick reaction time, try to sit down as soon as you feel yourself starting to lose your balance. Of course, don't forget to group yourself when you fall. Don't put your arms or knees forward: it will significantly reduce the risk of injury. You can also roll onto your side at the moment of contact with the ground, which will reduce the force of impact on the surface.

Never run across the road or cross the street in the wrong place. You may accidentally fall, and the driver will not have time to slow down because the braking distance on a slippery road increases significantly.

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