Home spray to discourage cats from destroying flowerpots: how to prepare

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Vinegar-based spray will be equally safe for animals and plants

Domestic cats are very fond of participating in any of their owners' activities. However, such "help" often turns into real trouble. For example, felines "caring for" indoor plants.

Cats can dig in the soil, scattering it around the pots, chew on flowers (which can be dangerous for the animal itself) and knock over flowerpots. It seems that it is impossible to solve the problem. However, OBOZ.UA has learned about a homemade spray that can scare away fluffy gardeners from your home garden so you don't have to get rid of either flowers or animals. This product is made from natural and safe ingredients and does not harm.

A spray that works

To make this spray, all you need is water, vinegar, and a spray bottle. Cats do not like the smell of vinegar even if it is barely perceptible to humans. It is important that the spray does not harm the plants too.

Simply pour water and white vinegar in equal proportions into a spray bottle and shake it thoroughly to mix them well. This liquid can be sprayed on plants from time to time to make them unattractive to cats.

If you want to make the spray a little more comfortable for yourself, try adding a couple of drops of essential oil. However, do not add too much because these oils can be harmful to plants and very toxic to cats. For those who dare to try it, experts advise choosing lemon, lemongrass, lavender, or mint as these scents will have an additional effect on cats: they don't like them very much. However, it's better to do without such a flavor at all. It will be safer for everyone.

Try not to experiment

One thing you should definitely not use is a repellent based on cayenne pepper that is popular on social media. Yes, most animals really don't like its smell but it can be harmful to a cat's health, especially if it gets in its eyes. The animal will try to get rid of it by washing, but it will only spread the burning substances more.

What to do if the cat keeps bothering your houseplants

Experts advise paying special attention to the health of the animal if it continues to disturb your garden after applying vinegar spray. It can be simple boredom and lack of exercise, as well as hunger and even certain diseases.

To begin with, try distracting the animal with games. Give it more attention and it may stop doing harm. Toys can also help solve the problem of boredom and lack of activity.

However, if the furry animal continues to eat plants, it may be a sign of health problems such as tooth decay, digestive disorders, or stress. In this case, take your pet to the vet for a checkup. Don't forget to tell them about your pet's craving for live greenery.

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