Harvest will amaze you: how to feed fruit trees in the fall

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How to feed fruit trees in autumn

November is a good time to prepare fruit trees for winter. The next season's harvest depends on proper fertilization and care. It is necessary to protect the garden from pests, diseases and sudden changes in temperature.

OBOZ.UA has collected effective tips that will help you cope with this. After harvesting, the site needs to be prepared for the cold and fertilized properly.


First, the owners should carry out sanitary pruning of trees to get rid of damaged, dry and diseased branches. It is also worth pulling out old bushes that no longer bear fruit.

Cleaning the trunks

The trunk must be cleaned of exfoliated bark, moss, and lichens. To do this, you will need a special scraper or metal brush. Spread a blanket or film around the tree to prevent the bark from falling on the soil. Then take the garbage off the site because pests and diseases can spread to other plants.

Cracks in the trunk should be treated with a fungicide and a special paste for fruit trees.

Whitewashing trunks

Lime destroys bacteria and protects the bark from temperature fluctuations, so this procedure should be carried out not only in spring but also in autumn. This is especially important for young trees.


Fallen leaves should not be left under the trees for the winter, as bacteria and pests breed there.


As soon as the trees have shed all their leaves, it is necessary to spray them with copper or iron sulfate, Bordeaux liquid or special preparations to protect the seedlings from diseases.

Top dressing

This is an important step in caring for trees in November. Properly selected fertilizer will increase frost resistance, protect against diseases, and accumulate nutrients in the roots.

Fruit trees should be fertilized after rains to keep the soil well moistened. If the fall is dry, water the area abundantly. Water accelerates the flow of nutrients to the roots.


  • Wood ash (you need two large handfuls of the mixture for each tree);
  • Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers (add 300 grams of superphosphate and 200 grams of potassium sulfate under each tree, pour water over everything);
  • Organic fertilizers (avoid fresh humus, it is too concentrated for plants, apply ready-made compost when digging the soil);
  • Complex mineral fertilizers (read the instructions on the label carefully);
  • Ash (add 3-4 kg of fertilizer per 1 square meter).

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told how to increase the resistance of fruit trees to cold and what fertilizers to use for this.

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