Golden fertilizer: what to feed monstera with so that it grows faster

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Fertilizers for monstera

Monstera is a rather unpretentious plant. The spreading leaves seem to create the effect of a tropical jungle at home, and the plant itself effectively fills the space, reaching a height of up to two meters.

Monstera will grow even faster if you feed it properly. The Kobieta Interia publication tells us how to prepare an effective home fertilizer.

Where to put the monstera

Monstera is not difficult to grow. It quickly signals a lack of light or moisture by changing the appearance of the leaves. When the plant reaches maturity, it develops characteristic "notches".

Monstera needs a lot of space. The best place would be bright or slightly shaded rooms with diffused light. Monstera feels and develops well near the windowsill on the east and west sides. Avoid bright sunlight, which can burn the leaves even within a few hours.

Fertilizer from leftovers

If you want to stimulate the growth of a monstera, you don't have to go to a gardening store to buy professional fertilizers. Experts say that the best fertilizer for this plant is banana peels. They contain nutrients, in particular, potassium and phosphorus, which cause the lush growth of green leaves.

How to make banana peel fertilizer

  1. Prepare one peel: it should not have much pulp from the fruit.
  2. Place the peel in a liter jar, cover with warm water and leave in a warm place for two days.
  3. After infusion, dilute the fertilizer with water and water the monstera.

How often do you need to fertilize the monstera

A huge advantage of natural plant fertilizers is that it is very difficult to overdo it. You can use banana peel fertilizer all year round, but change the frequency depending on the season.

In the period from spring to fall, it is optimal to fertilize once a month. In winter, it is enough to apply it once every six to eight weeks. During the cold months, make sure that the monstera pot is away from drafts and low temperatures.

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