Find the special snowman: a puzzle that only the smartest can solve

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One of the snowmen in the picture is not like the others. Can you find it?

It is said that a festive mood for Christmas can be created if you start wrapping gifts in festive paper. Bright-themed prints are pleasing to the eye and immerse you in a merry atmosphere. They can also become an interesting basis for a Christmas puzzle.

OBOZ.UA has found just such a puzzle. The picture really resembles Christmas wrapping paper. However, not everyone will be able to cope with the task it sets for the player.

One of the snowmen in this picture is different from the others

The image shows a lot of decorated Christmas trees, boxes with gifts, festive balloons and candies, and, of course, snowmen. These winter characters are wearing warm scarves and, despite their different sizes, look the same. Except for one thing. The task is to find the snowman that is different from the others.

This will not be easy because there are a huge number of elements. You will have to focus all your attention and make an incredible amount of effort to find the right answer. That's why the game has no time limit. Look at the image as long as you need to solve this challenging puzzle.

If you don't have enough enthusiasm and want to give up, but you still want to see the correct answer, take a look at the hint below. It shows the right snowman. A scarf of a different color than the others is tied around his neck.

The answer

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published another Christmas puzzle with dozens of Santa Clauses, among which you need to find unexpected characters.

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