Andre Tan advises Ukrainians on how to keep their nerves during the war

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Designer Andre Tan

Ukrainian designer Andre Tan told Ukrainians how they can protect their morale during the huge amount of news about the war. According to the fashion designer, the first step is to set a limit on information, and then to occupy yourself in your free time with learning something new, watching movies or sports.

He published a corresponding post on his personal Instagram page. Andre Tan admitted that he often watches the news himself, but 80% of his time is spent sewing body armor, overalls, and testing plates in vests.

News limit per day

"It's better to devote an hour to this activity in the evening, when the main events of the day have already taken place and you can safely watch your favorite news (and fall asleep to the soothing voice of Arestovich is much more pleasant)," the designer wrote.

New skills and knowledge

Andre Tan believes that in your free time, as well as during the coronavirus lockdown, you should learn new things, gain knowledge, and spend your extra free minutes or hours developing yourself in every way possible.

"Learn something that you will use for the rest of your life. Excel courses, shortcuts, or investing in the stock market are good examples," the fashion designer said.

Movies or TV series

According to Tan, the main advantage of watching a movie or TV series is that it takes less energy than the news.

"You recover better and then work more productively. The most important thing is not to blame yourself for taking a break. Now is a good chance to watch the classics you've always put off or, on the contrary, the new releases your friends have recommended," says Andre Tan.

Going in for sports

The designer appealed to those who often put off sports for later, noting that now is the time.

"A slim figure, healthy nerves and a dopamine boost are what you need in such a difficult situation. To be honest, I neglected this rule and didn't work out even once in a month and a half because of my busy schedule! I can already see how much I will need to work on myself in the future," he summarized.

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