A psychologist explained how news about the war affects us and gave tips to help reduce that impact

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Psychologist Tetiana Lupina explains how people are affected by news about the war

Ukrainian psychologist Tetiana Lupina explained that constant reading of news about the war can have a negative impact on a person's emotional state and their working capacity. It is important to understand that we can influence this process and control it by putting down the phone or laptop and giving ourselves an information detox.

Tetiana spoke about this in an interview with the media resource Vazilik. She gave some life hacks that will help reduce the impact of news and take a break from the negative media.

Thus, according to the psychologist's recommendation, you should not read the news in bed, in the morning and evening. It's better to watch relaxing or entertaining videos on TikTok, aesthetic photos on Instagram, etc., but don't overload yourself with the news feed immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

The expert advises: "You won't miss anything. I'm just joking, but it's really true: if there is something that we 100% need to know, we will hear about it or see it from the window. At the moment, we have no chance of missing something really important. If the news takes away your resource, don't read it."

A psychologist explained how news about the war affects us and gave tips to help reduce that impact

You should be especially careful with information channels that present news in an extremely vulnerable way. Such sources bring their own emotional background to the information, escalating events and transmitting their own panic to a wide audience.

"Of course, we pick up on it empathically, start to worry, tell our loved ones, and everyone panics. If such emotional channels affect you, unsubscribe," Lupina said.

Another effective life hack is to ask someone to tell you the main things of the day. This way, you will be aware of all the key events, but you will avoid direct interaction with creepy photos and videos from the front line.

"People were experiencing terrible states after seeing photos from Bucha, Irpen, Mariupol and other cities. Many people read it, watched it, and then couldn't get out of bed for weeks. We can influence this, but we continue to unconsciously view everything to, for example, live through our traumatic experience or other unconscious urges," the expert commented.

You can also create a separate folder in Telegram with all the channels, which you will view only if you have the strength and resources to do so.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Ukrainian writer and journalist Mark Livin noted that most Ukrainians are not inclined to open emotions, especially during the war. People think that they have to be strong, and therefore keep all their feelings, negativity and fear inside. The winner of various literary prizes understands why compatriots choose this position, as he himself has faced similar things, but now states: "Repression of emotions is a risk of developing chronic and psychological diseases."

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