5 indoor plants that attract money and good luck to the house

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Indoor plants that attract money and good luck

Houseplants are important not only for the ecosystem in the house, but also for creating a favorable atmosphere to attract money and cut off negativity. Among them are money trees, lemon trees, and even cacti.

To attract money and good luck into your home, you just need to have the right indoor flower. Read more about the plants that attract happiness and wealth in the OBOZREVATEL article (scroll to the end to see the photos).

The money tree

A popular tree that, according to Eastern philosophy expert Dolma Jangkhu, cleanses the house of negativity and opens the flow of favorable chi energy. Having this flower at home can give you access to money and prosperity.

It is not for nothing that this tree is called the money tree, because its main property is the ability to quickly absorb water, accumulating it in the leaves. This is exactly what you should do with money. In addition, the leaves that have fallen from the tree are covered with a silvery coating that resembles coins.

Experts believe that you shouldn't buy a whole flower, but rather a single branch. It should be put in water, and when the roots appear, transplanted into a pot on the south or southeast side of the house.

Money tree

Dracaena sanderiana

This plant is called the "indoor bamboo of happiness". It is characterized by its unpretentiousness. This flower symbolizes health and longevity, and also attracts wealth and financial stability.

Visually, Dracaena stretches upward, which means career growth, hard work and perseverance in achieving goals.

Money tree

Wishing tree

The wishing tree also goes by several names - zamioculcas or dollar tree. It has amazing endurance, and it can be propagated by seeds, tubers, or leaves. The owner of such a plant does not have to constantly water it, as the wishing tree is unpretentious. If the flower dries up, then watering it with a dry bush will make it come to life.

As for the money power, it is enclosed in the green color of the leaves, reminiscent of a dollar bill.

Wishing tree

Lemon tree

A bright and unusual tree perfectly attracts the attention of guests. According to the feng shui concept, yellow color means joy, hope, and success. It is worth noting that in Chinese culture, lemons are money talismans that promise prosperity and wealth. However, it is important to water it on time and wipe the leaves.

Lemon tree


It would seem that the cactus is associated with success and wealth, but they are considered plants that attract money energy. Thanks to their aura, successful business projects are born. Therefore, it is better to keep them in offices. In addition, cacti supposedly scare away thieves.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about ten unpretentious houseplants that do not require any maintenance at all. Among them are aloe, everea, ivy, and others.

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