What to add to scrambled eggs for a bright flavor: top 5 original ingredients

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Recipe for scrambled eggs
Recipe for scrambled eggs

The simplest breakfast dish is scrambled eggs, which are, firstly, tasty and satisfying, and secondly, it takes 5 minutes to cook and you can add everything in the fridge.

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected a list of 5 unusual ingredients that will give the eggs a stunning taste, a list of which was published in INSIDER.

1. Yogurt and sour cream can give the dish a spicy and creamy flavor.

2. Pesto and salsa are flavorful mixtures that will make scrambled eggs absolutely delicious and give a nutty flavor. It is better to add them at the end.

3. Strawberry jam

This is the perfect savory combination of jam and eggs. It will be very unusual, but delicious!

4. Add yogurt instead of milk

This will give the eggs a very delicate flavor and incredible texture. Add only one tablespoon or two of yogurt to the egg mixture before cooking to avoid uneven distribution.

5. Cream cheese, preferably herbal flavored

It will make the dish very tender and tasty. It is enough to add 1 tbsp of cottage cheese, preferably with herbs, to the egg mixture, which will give the dish a special flavor.

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