What not to marinate shashlik in: you'll only spoil the meat

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You can't marinate shashlik in these marinades. Source: pexels.com.

It's already really spring weather outside. This means that the shashlik season has begun. Especially delicious when the meat is marinated on its own, in home conditions. But it is very important to know what components are appropriate to use, which is better to refuse.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you what you should not marinate shashlik. The following marinades can only spoil your dish.


Pineapple and Kiwi

These fruits are often used to marinate shashlik to make the meat soft. But the acid in these products destroys the fibers. And if you leave pieces of meat in the fruit for a while, you get one solid lump of slime.


Vinegar-based marinade

Soaking meat in vinegar is a method that has been popular since Soviet times. Such a marinade was made in order to save meat of poor quality. It was a consequence of the shortage of good products and all kinds of spices for shashlik. But if you do use this method - your meat will have an unpleasant taste and become tough.


Mayonnaise-based marinade.

This base can only be chosen if your meat is very tender. All because mayonnaise has a lot of fat, and it will not make your shashlik soft. But if you do like mayonnaise - add it only to very fresh and tender meat.

Soy sauce


This ingredient completely changes the texture of the meat. Therefore, a firm and juicy piece of pork can turn into a ham. Shashlik from such a product will not turn out the best. It all depends on your personal preferences. The best soy sauce is still suitable for poultry.

Mismatch between spices and marinade

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Many people are convinced that you need to add to the kebab all the spices you have at home at once: a variety of peppers, herbs, coriander. But this way you only destroy the taste of the meat. You can add only 2-3 spices - this will be quite enough.

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