Top 8 Most Popular Unhealthy Breakfasts: They're Worth Giving Up

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Breakfast is the most important meal, which determines the state of the body and activity during the day. Therefore, such food should be as healthy and balanced as possible. But there are quite stereotypical breakfast options that many people are used to considering correct. In fact, they should be abandoned.

Alla Manaikina(alla.manaikina), a nutritionist, told about eight harmful products that we eat for breakfast on her Instagram page.

Porridge from bags


In order for such porridge to brew quickly, the grain for it undergoes special treatment. The structure is destroyed and harmful carbohydrates are formed. Therefore, it is best to choose natural oatmeal, which is boiled for at least 15 minutes.

Fast breakfasts

Sweet balls, which are often poured with milk, are prepared by combining flour, sugar, and other additives. Such a product has minimal nutritional value.



You should definitely read the composition in them. There are good options, and there are those in which a lot of sugar, trans fat, palm oil, and flour are added.

Sausage products

Sausage products are what we call meat, with a minimum in composition. In addition, a lot of additives, flavor enhancers, preservatives, and other harmful components.



Succulents - for their production, the original fruit is treated with sulfuric acid, mead, and soaked in sugar syrup. They have nothing in common with fruit or its benefits

Sugar cheesecakes

They may not be based on cottage cheese, but on sugar and fat (also read the composition carefully, there are good options).

Processed cottage cheeses

Basically, the raw materials for processed cheese are wastes of cheese production, cheese spoilage, dyes, flavorings, and stabilizers.

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Packaged juices.

There is no fruit benefit here, only sugar in liquid form. The same goes for fruit freshes - they usually have vitamins and minerals, but it's better to drink a smoothie or eat the fruit whole.


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