Tastier than pancakes: zucchini waffles for a quick breakfast

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Homemade Waffles
Homemade Waffles

Zucchini is a very useful vegetable that can be the basis for making delicious fritters, light pies, and they can also be grilled, made into stews, salads, zucchini are also pickled and canned with vegetables.

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Chef Julia shared a recipe on Instagram for delicious zucchini waffles with cottage cheese and hard cheese.

Waffle recipe


  • zucchini - 500 g
  • eggs - 2 pcs.
  • sour milk cheese - 200 g
  • hard cheese - 100 g
  • rice flour - 130 g
  • salt - to taste
  • Provian herbs - as desired

Method of preparation:

1. Grate the zucchini on a coarse grater, salt, stir and set aside for 10 minutes.

Grated zucchini

2. Grate the hard cheese on a coarse grater.

Waffle Base


3. Eggs add with cottage cheese, mix, add flour, salt and mix.

Preparing waffle batter

4. Squeeze the zucchini and add to the ready mass, add the fermented cottage cheese, mix and lightly beat with a blender until smooth.

Prepared waffles

You can also find recipes on OBOZREVATEL:

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