How to properly brew coffee in a Turkish coffee pot: tips from a chef

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How to brew coffee in a Turk
How to brew coffee in a Turk

Coffee is the primary morning pick-me-up beverage that nearly everyone enjoys and prepares. It's worth noting that there are many types of coffee, among which everyone can find one to their liking. If, for example, you're brewing coffee in a cezve, you need to know a few nuances that will help preserve the aroma and taste of this delicious drink.

Delicious coffee

Culinary expert Marco Cervetti has shared useful tips on his YouTube channel that will help you make coffee in a Turk very quickly and deliciously (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

How to make delicious coffee at home

Tips from the cook:

1. Do not use water for coffee from the tap, it is better to use filtered water.

Delicious coffee

2. To make coffee have a great flavor, you need to grind it yourself very finely, rather than using ready-made purchased coffee.

Fresh coffee

3. The proportions of a delicious drink are 1 tbsp of coffee per 100 ml of water.

How to make coffee

The method of making coffee in a Turk:

1. Grind the coffee, pour it into the turk.

Coffee in a Turk

2. Cover with cold water and put on low heat.

3. It is very important to stir the coffee at the thirtieth and sixtieth seconds.

How to brew delicious coffee in a Turk

4. Wait for the coffee to boil and remove immediately.

Ready coffee

5. Pour the finished drink into cups, be sure to let it stand for 2-4 minutes, so the taste will become even more intense.

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