How to peel a lot of garlic in 20 seconds: top 3 methods

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Raw garlic
Raw garlic. Source: Pixabay

Garlic is a very tasty, aromatic and savory product that is ideal for meat. It can be added to various dishes, especially meat ones. It is very important to know who are not recommended to eat garlic. These are people with peptic ulcer disease, high acidity of gastric juice, epilepsy and asthma. Experts also say that people who are prone to low blood pressure should not eat it too as garlic can lower it even more. However, in this case, it all depends on the amount of garlic eaten.

How to store powdered garlic

The FoodOboz editorial team shares with you tips on how to peel garlic quickly and easily without damaging it or getting your hands dirty.

Raw garlic

Top 3 quick ways to peel garlic:

1. Knife

You will need a cutting board and a knife. Put garlic on the board and press it down with a wide knife blade. After that, the husk will easily separate from the garlic.

How to peel garlic with a knife

2. Metal bowls

Put garlic cloves in a bowl, cover with another bowl and shake very hard. Then remove one bowl, pick out the garlic and peel it.

Raw garlic

3. Microwave

Put garlic on a plate and microwave it for 15-20 seconds. After that, the husk will easily come off.


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