How not to cook mashed potatoes: the most common mistakes

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Why mashed potatoes don't taste good

Tender, airy and fragrant mashed potatoes - an indispensable dish on every holiday table. But problems often arise with the preparation of such a side dish. The mass becomes gray and rubbery, losing its creamy texture. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you how not to cook mashed potatoes. Many of these mistakes are often made even by experienced housewives.


Wrong kind

Not all potatoes are suitable for mashed potatoes. Some varieties can only be fried or baked. And for boiling it is the yellow varieties that are the best. Whatever you add - mashed red potatoes will not have a creamy consistency.

Cooking without salt

Salt should be added specifically to the water. The starch that is in the potatoes absorbs the water perfectly and your dish will taste perfect.


Placing potatoes in boiling water.

For the potatoes to cook evenly, have a pleasant texture and taste - it is necessary to put them only in cold water. If you do otherwise, the vegetable will definitely be raw inside.

Cooking mashed potatoes without rinsing them.


The potato broth is very turbid. And its residue settles on the potatoes. Therefore, it is very important to rinse the cooked vegetable before mashing it.

Pouring cold butter and milk

It is this mistake that contributes to the fact that the mashed potatoes have an unpleasant gray color. Therefore, milk and butter must be taken out of the refrigerator beforehand.

Kneading the potatoes very actively


It is very important not to overdo it. The puree must be puffy and hold its shape. A blender is not the right tool for this job. The best way to do it is with a mashing drum.

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