How long can jam be stored and how to extend its shelf life

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How long can jam be stored. Source: Pixabay

Homemade jam is one of the favorite preserves for the winter. You can make compote or jelly from jam or add it to desserts and baked goods: casseroles or pies.

It often happens that the family does not have time to eat all the stocks for the season. The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you how many years you can store homemade jam and how to extend its shelf life.

How long can jam be stored

So, if you cooked jam following all the recommendations and stored it properly, it can be stored for 3-5 years.

However, the shelf life can vary and depends on the following factors:

How to make homemade jam correctly

1. If you cooked the jam with a lot of sugar, it will become thick over time. However, it can be eaten and used for baking and desserts.

2. If you cooked the jam with not enough sugar, it will spoil quickly and won't last even six months.

What to cook with jam

The main thing is to look at the quality of the preparation. If there are no signs of mold or fermentation, it can be safely eaten after a year.

It's also worth noting that the shelf life of candied jam can be extended by digesting it with citric acid and hot water. Approximate proportions: 1 liter of jam requires 2 g of citric acid and 1/4 cup of boiling water.

How to extend the shelf life of jam

Important points:

  • There should be no rust stains on the inside of the metal lids.
  • If the lids are even slightly swollen, do not use the product.
  • Any mold indicates that the product is of poor quality and should not be consumed.

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