Homemade condensed milk, just like in the store: how to make a delicious dessert

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Recipe for homemade condensed milk. Source: i0.wp.com

There is probably no better dessert than condensed milk. It's so delicious that you can eat it with pancakes, ice cream, and even without anything. And even better, you can make this delicious treat at home with just three ingredients.

One of the culinary blogs (anny.cooking) published a recipe for homemade condensed milk on Instagram.

Recipe for homemade condensed milk


  • milk – 2.5% 1 liter
  • sugar – 350 g
  • butter – 60 g

Method of preparation:

1. Combine all the necessary ingredients in a wide saucepan.

How to cook condensed milk correctly

2. Put on the fire, bring the mass to a boil, and cook until it thickens, stirring constantly. The cooking time will vary depending on the milk.

Homemade condensed milk

3. When the condensed milk is of the desired consistency, remove it from heat and cool.

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