Raffaello coconut cake without baking in 20 minutes: how to cook

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Raffaello cake recipe without baking. Source: Screenshot from Olha Matvii''s YouTube video

The popular Raffaello cake can be easily prepared without baking. It is enough to take wafer cakes as a basis and make a delicious coconut cream. The process of making this cake takes literally 20 minutes.

Food blogger Lilia Tsvit shared a no-bake recipe for Raffaello coconut cake on her YouTube channel (Lilia Tsvit).

Raffaello coconut cake recipe without baking


  • wafer cakes - 12 pcs.
  • milk - 1 liter
  • sugar - 150 g
  • starch - 90 g
  • egg - 1 pc
  • vanilla sugar - 1 pc
  • coconut flakes - 200 g
  • butter - 100 g
  • roasted peanuts - 150 g
  • candies (for decoration) - 8 pcs
Classic Raffaello coconut cake

Method of preparation:

1. Pour milk into a saucepan, add sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs and starch. Stir with a whisk until smooth and put on low heat. Cook until thick.

2. As soon as the mass begins to thicken, remove from the stove and add butter and coconut flakes. Stir until smooth.

3. Immediately grease the wafers with the prepared cream to form a cake. Put peanuts between the wafers.

Raffaello coconut cake

4. Smear the sides of the cake with cream too. Sprinkle the cake with coconut flakes and decorate with candies. Leave it in the refrigerator to harden.

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