What Vitalii Klychko's sons and daughter look like: all of them are two heads taller than their mom

Children of Vitali Kliychko and Natalia Yehorova

Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klychko has three children with his ex-wife, singer Natalia Yehorova. They were married for over 25 years and announced their divorce in August 2022. The exes continue to raise two sons and a daughter. All of them are now two heads taller than their mother. And one of the sons has already overtaken his burly ex-boxer father in height.

The other day, the mother of many children shared a warm Christmas photo with her adult children. Natalia Yehorova shared the photos in Instagram stories.

In the photo, the former wife of the Kyiv mayor poses in front of a Christmas tree in the company of 23-year-old Yehor-Daniel, 21-year-old Yelyzaveta-Victoria, and 18-year-old Maksym. Although their mother stood on tiptoe for the photo, she still looked shorter than her heirs.

Natalia Yehorova with children from Vitalii Klychko

"My best and most valuable gift in life," the singer captioned the photo.

It is known that Natalia and her children spent Christmas in Hamburg, Germany, where she has lived for many years.

What Vitali Klychko's children look like now

The oldest child of Vitali Klychko and his ex-wife, or rather not a child anymore, but a grown man, is Yehor-Daniel. He was born in 2000 and studied at the University of London, where he majored in business management. He still lives in the UK. By the way, he is also fond of sports. Not boxing, like his father, but basketball. And this is not surprising because Yehor-Daniel is over two meters tall.

Vitalii Klychko and Nataliia Yehorova with their children a few years earlier

Klychko and Yehorova's daughter is 21 years old. Yelyzaveta-Victoria lives in the United States and previously studied psychology in Amsterdam. By the way, the girl's middle name, Victoria, was chosen for a reason. As you know, it is translated and is a symbol of victory. It was in the year of his daughter's birth that Vitalii Klychko won a fight with Larry Donald.

Natalia Yehorova with her daughter from Vitalii Klychko

Meanwhile, the youngest, 18-year-old Maksym Klychko, is the tallest of the family. Yes, he has even overtaken his father. His height exceeds 216 centimeters! The boy also plays basketball. It is known that he studied at a private school in Britain.

Vitalii Klychko with his brother and two sons

Earlier, OBOZ.UA also wrote about the appearance of Volodymyr Klychko's only daughter, whom he raised himself, and where she is now. All the details and photos are in the article.

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