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The on-trend 'tabi' is back in fashion. Source: Instagram/initialsak

Tabi shoes first appeared at a fashion show in the 80s by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. The shoes are famous for their unusual shape, separating the big toe from the others.

However, "tabi" began to sew in Japan in the XV century, and now they are again at the peak of popularity. Although the shoes are called "ugly" and they cause controversial judgments because of their resemblance to hooves. OBOZREVATEL tells everything that is known about the trend of 2023.

Tabi shoes are back in fashion

Tabi shoes originated in Japan, but their primary appearance was quite different. At first, it was the name given to socks that separated the big toe. Split stockings remained the basis of the closet of the Japanese for hundreds of years.

At the beginning of the XX century to the traditional socks began to attach a rubber sole. These shoes were designed for construction workers, farmers, and other working class people who might get injured barefoot.

Designers create different variations of 'tabi'

However, it was not the Japanese who made the tabi popular around the world. Belgian designer Martin Margel, inspired by his visit to Tokyo, decided to add the shoes to his spring-summer 1988 show. The show was held in Paris.

Today, shoes are still present in the regular collections of the Maison Margiela brand. The team of fashion designers turns all kinds of shoes into "tabi". The last few years split toe got loafers, sneakers, sneakers and house slippers.

Connoisseur ''tabi'' women are amassing entire collections

Split-toe shoes have appeared in other brands and even in the mass-market. A few years ago Balenciaga, in collaboration with Italian brand Vibram, released a "tabi" with a heel, splitting all five toes. Nike periodically releases a hybrid model of the Air Rift. The Japanese Suicoke regularly experiments with shapes. Interesting pairs in bright colors are created by ILYSM brand.

''Tabi'' is popular among classic style lovers

Tabi shoes do not lose their avant-garde potential, it is with these shoes that you can make any image bright. Foreign stars are increasingly choosing extravagant models.

Actress Zendaya wore Maison Margiela ballet flats with black suit pants and a long tunic with a side slit. Dua Lipa wore them under a white classic shirt and straight jeans, and Cardi B added "tabi" to a casual look with ripped jeans and a white corset.

Zendaya showed off the ''tabi'' trend.

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