"The car was abandoned in the middle of the street". Ukrainian actress tells how she fled Moscow after the invasion

Lubava Greshnova was almost detained because of her Ukrainian passport

Ukrainian actress Lyubava Greshnova, who lived in two countries for many years and cut all ties with Russia after the start of the full-scale invasion, told how she fled Moscow with her husband and son. The family had to buy tickets, which cost a lot of money.

And on the way to the airport, the car with the actors was stopped by police officers who, having seen the Ukrainian passports, decided to detain the couple. Lyubava Greshnova told about this in an interview with OBOZ.UA.

"It was very scary. We left Moscow on the third or fourth day," Greshnova recalls. "The problem was that almost all destinations were closed, planes were flying only to Turkey and Egypt, and tickets cost fantastic money. Imagine how many foreigners-Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans-tried to leave. We initially bought tickets that required us to cross the pedestrian border through Lithuania, but I got scared at the last minute because, as they said, they were going to have very long checks and interrogations. I know for sure that I could not lie that I was just traveling."

''The car was abandoned in the middle of the street''. Ukrainian actress tells how she fled Moscow after the invasion

"We took tickets to Egypt," the actress continues, "On the way to the airport, a patrol car stopped us, they wanted to take us to the police station when they saw our Ukrainian passports, but they let us go. At the airport, I was almost fainting from fear, but we still flew out. We waited for another six days in Egypt because there were no direct routes to Warsaw. And it was such a dissonance - I was sitting by the sea and watching all the news from Ukraine: everything was broken, rockets were flying. It was like a very bad movie."

The actress says that she and her husband did not have their own home in Russia: "We had no property, only a car that was abandoned in the middle of the street. Our belongings remained in the rented apartment. I now consider all of it junk - that's all. I don't need anything from there. To be honest, for the last two years I have not thought much about the fact that my appearance should be refined because I am an actress. Sometimes my husband even scolds me: buy a dress. Good jewelry, branded clothes - I don't want any of that. Even when I go out, I force myself to wear a blouse and a skirt because I feel much more comfortable in sportswear. And I think it's the right thing to do while the war is on."

Read the full interview with Lyubava Greshnova here.

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