Serdyuchka sang "Russia, goodbye" at the Vaikule festival in Jurmala. Video

Verka Serdyuchka performed at the Laima Vaikule festival

Jurmala, Latvia, hosted a charity festival of the famous Latvian singer Laima Vaikule - Laima Rendezvous, which this year was dedicated to helping war-torn Ukraine. The event featured, among others, popular Ukrainian artists with their Ukrainian-language hits. Among them was Verka Serdyuchka with her "mom" and show ballet.

The legend of domestic show business, embodied by musician and impersonator Andriy Danilko, rocked the stage in her already traditional embroidered vyshyvanka and the trademark silver star on her head. "Mom" Inna Bilokon and dancers were also in Ukrainian outfits. Verka performed the audience's favorite hits, as well as a modified composition "Russia, goodbye". Vaikule shared a fragment of the performance on her personal Instagram page (to see it, scroll to the end of the page).

Judging by the description to the video, Serdyuchka sang "Russia, Goodbye" on the first day of the festival.

As you know, the original song is called Dancing Lasha Tumbai. With it Serdyuchka took second place at Eurovision in 2007. Then, 16 years ago, this incendiary track caused a storm of indignation among Russians, who heard the lines Russia, goodbye in the chorus. And if earlier Danilko assured that it was Lasha Tumbai who sang in his song, then after the full-scale invasion the lyrics were officially changed to Russia, goodbye.

Verka also sang the updated version at the festival in Latvia

Serdyuchka sang ''Russia, goodbye'' at the Vaikule festival in Jurmala. Video

As you might expect, Russians were hysterical. However, Z-patriots are furious not only because of Danilko, but also because of the festival as a whole, which this year did not have any pro-Putin artists and Russian songs.

"Circus, a pathetic spectacle", "Amateur show in a village club", "Bottom, that's for sure", "So Russia told you Good Bye, not you to Russia. Wretchedness without our stars. Forward Russia!", "God, what a pathetic spectacle! Bottom", "I do not want to repeat myself, but! All made their names in the USSR and Russia! If not for that, who would know them?!", "Laima made a recognizable name for herself in her youth, back in the last century, during the USSR, through the Russian public. And not only she, by the way", "In the collective farm "Chervone Dyshlo" holiday" - ran into the comments offended citizens of the country-terrorist, who are not welcome anywhere.


Recall, at the festival Laima Vaikule, in addition to Verka Serdyuchka, also performed Olya Polyakova, Max Barskikh, ALEKSEEV, Anna Butkevich and Freedom Ballet. They performed their hits translated into Ukrainian. All the details - in our material.

Traditionally, the event was attended by close friends and colleagues of the artist - star spouses Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. With showman and parodist Vaikule even sang the famous song "Yellow leaves over the city are circling", but the surprise was that they performed it in Latvian. Fans were delighted with such a performance, but Russians did not miss the opportunity to spray venom at celebrities who do not support the bloody Putin regime.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Verka Serdyuchka's hits recently sounded in Russian-occupied Donetsk. Including "Rasha, Goodbye." You can watch the corresponding video at the link here.

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