Saving from wrinkles? A woman shows an affordable alternative to Botox and conquers the web: the video goes viral

The woman showed an alternative to Botox available to everyone

A 25-year-old blogger named Valerie from Canada has become popular online thanks to her unusual and, as she claims, extremely effective method of fighting wrinkles. She uses tapes - body tape. By sticking it on certain areas of her face at night, Valerie gets a perfectly toned face in the morning without a single unwanted wrinkle.

The blogger shared her trick on TikTok, after which it became very popular. The video was watched by over 2.5 million people, who rated it with likes and comments. Even the famous American actress and model, former girlfriend of rapper Kanye West, Julia Fox, left her feedback. She assured us that she herself uses tapes instead of "beauty injections" to fight wrinkles.

Valerie, on the other hand, discovered this method by accident. The girl was terribly annoyed by her asymmetrical eyebrows, so she decided to "straighten" them with tape.

"I started sticking the tape to my eyebrows to lift them up, and then I fixed another piece of tape horizontally on my forehead... I left it on overnight," the blogger said.


And, as you might have guessed, it paid off over time. After several such "procedures", the girl's eyebrows became more asymmetrical, just as she wanted.

"If you think I look crazy, it's because I am. I've been taping my face for a long time now, and it really works, and I love it," the Canadian commented.


Valerie claims that it helps to avoid wrinkles that form due to "pulling" of the face while sleeping. She used to have a thin line on her forehead, but since she has been using this method, there are no wrinkles in this area. Then the blogger started sticking tapes around her mouth to counteract the "very visible" smile lines, which she "loves" but doesn't want to be "too sharp".

Valerie didn't stop there and decided to stick tapes on her nose, which, as she says, makes it look smaller and removes puffiness.

In the morning, the blogger sees how much her face changes - it looks young and toned.

"Usually my smile lines are so noticeable, but now they are not even visible. And I wake up with a very thin nose, which I really like," Valerie admires.


However, she warned beauties with sensitive skin to be careful when removing the tapes from their faces, as this can cause irritation. To avoid it, the blogger advised to use oil.

Model Julia Fox left a comment under the video: "Omg, I thought I was the only one doing this." Other Internet users who have already tested the tippy-top life hack on themselves assured that it really works and can be considered an affordable alternative to Botox.


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