Philip Kirkorov no longer needs Russia: how the Putinist pays for participating in Iveleva's "naked party"

Philippe Kirkorov was cut out of a Christmas concert because of a "naked party"

Russia is abandoning the "king of pop" Philip Kirkorov after the scandalous "naked party" of blogger Nastya Ivleeva. Despite tearful apologies and excuses, the propagandist Channel One cut the singer from the Christmas Eve with Grigory Leps concert. The Kremlin jester was supposed to open the show with the song "Fly, Fly," but the channel did not allow the "naked party" participant to appear on the air.

The singer Glukoza (Natalia Ionova, her real name) was subjected to the same "sanctions". The reason why the star was cut from the Christmas concert is the same: her participation in Ivleyeva's scandalous party. Propaganda resources write about this.

It is reported that the festive show with the participation of Russian pop stars was recorded on December 24, and aired on Channel One on January 6. Kirkorov, who opened "Christmas Eve with Grigory Leps" on the set, was thrown into the trash during the editing. In addition, the artist's joint performances with Lyusya Chebotina and Mikhail Shufutinsky had to be cut.

Philip Kirkorov suffered because of his participation in Ivleva's ''naked party''

Glukoza sang the track "Goosebumps" at the concert, but it was not broadcast. The announcements of the scandalized artists' performances also disappeared from the official website of the propaganda TV channel.

The most interesting thing is that the filming of the Christmas concert took place after the "naked party". In other words, Kirkorov and Glukosa were initially invited despite the public outcry, and when they realized that the wave of hate had not subsided, they were simply "quietly" dismissed.

It is worth adding that Kirkorov was also removed from the Song of the Year, even cutting out joint shots with the singer. In addition, the artist starred in the movie Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Everything, which was supposed to premiere on New Year's Eve. However, as you might have guessed, he was hastily "removed" from the movie, which required looking for a new actor and reshooting all the scenes with Kirkorov.

Kirkorov cut from movie ''Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Everything''

As you know, in addition to Philip Kirkorov and Glukosa, the party was attended by Ksenia Sobchak, Dima Bilan, Sergey Lazarev, Ukrainians Lolita and Anna Asti, Ivleva herself, and many young bloggers. Most of these stars are regularly invited to speak at propaganda events. Now they are all under a boycott. In order to avoid it, the stars are massively recording videos with compassionate apologies and excuses. Lolita, Kirkorov, Bilan, Sobchak, and other Putinists have already done so. However, it still didn't help them much to avoid punishment or even prison. Read the article to find out what awaits the scandalized stars.

Earlier, we wrote that the traitor to Ukraine Lolita Miliavska also lost her job because of a "naked party" where she crawled on all fours in a vulgar translucent outfit. Anna Asti, a native of Cherkasy, also suffered, and her New Year's performances were canceled.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA also wrote that the odious native of Kyiv Nikita Dzhigurda reacted to the party. He advised the participants of the "naked" party to "light up" in Donbas with the occupiers without arms and legs. The occupiers themselves also reacted to this coven. Details are available here.

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