"I can't condemn them": Pavlo Zibrov commented on the star defectors Yama and Vynnyk

Pavlo Zibrov expressed his opinion on Vlad Yama and Oleg Vynnyk

Ukrainian choreographer Vlad Yama and singer Oleg Vynnyk remain abroad during the full-scale terrorist war. The former is in the United States, the latter in Germany. This irritates many Ukrainian fans, who condemn their former idols for their brazen escape. Meanwhile, People's Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov admits that he cannot condemn his colleagues.

The singer of the hit songs "Khreshchatyk", "Dead Bees Don't Buzz" and others shared his thoughts on this in a conversation with celebrity chef Yevhen Klopotenko as part of his program "Hell's Bread." The video was posted on STB's YouTube channel.

According to Zibrov, he fully understands the dissatisfaction of Ukrainians with the position of the fugitive stars. Moreover, he believes people in this situation are right. However, the singer is not going to criticize his colleagues or point out their "sins."

 ''I can't condemn them'': Pavlo Zibrov commented on the star defectors Yama and Vynnyk

Yes, Yevhen Klopotenko asked his guest who he considers to be the biggest disappointment among his colleagues since the outbreak of the full-scale war.

Zibrov replied: "I can't blame them. Everyone has their own nervous palette. People can get terribly sick from this. Well, Yama, Vynnyk, Potap are still abroad. Yes, they are not toxic. It's clear that they are being pounded and ground on social media by ordinary people, and they are definitely right."

The artist also spoke about his relationship with his Russian colleagues. He assures us that he said goodbye to all of them after 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea and started the war in Donbas.

"I will never set foot in Russia again, although I was invited to both countries. They said goodbye. They waved goodbye, and that was that. 'Slavic Bazaar,' some festivals, parties, you come and see them, of course... I like Tamara Gverdtsiteli's position. She left Russia, said that her mother was from Odesa, she was worried that Odesa was being bombed, and went to Georgia. Although she is a people's artist of both Russia and Georgia," Zibrov said.

As OBOZ.UA wrote earlier, Ukrainian comedian Igor Lastochkin trolled fugitive stars of Ukrainian showbiz and those who pretend to be charity workers. In particular, the comedian mentioned Vlad Yama and Oleg Vynnyk. Read more about this in the article.

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