How to clean the hood from grease and soot: popular methods

The hood needs careful and thorough cleaning

A kitchen hood takes on all the dirt, grease and splashes so that cleaning is as easy as possible. That's why it not only needs, but deserves, careful maintenance. This can be difficult, because everything that should be spread around the hob settles in a small area and dries out over time. In fact, there are several answers to the question of how to clean a hood from grease and soot easily.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about the main life hacks. Perhaps the easiest way to deal with the hood will be for those who keep it clean on a regular basis. If your appliance needs a thorough cleaning, stock up on household gloves, brushes, sponges and try making a homemade cleaner.

What to do with soot

Soot is probably the easiest task when cleaning a hood. It is quite easy to remove with a solution of laundry soap or dishwashing detergent. You can also wipe it off with baking soda.

How to clean the external parts

Grease stains on the outer parts of the hood are best removed with acidic agents. This can be vinegar, a solution of citric acid or lemon juice. Treat the stained area with the liquid, wait a few minutes and rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. If the stains are very stubborn, you can't do without a special factory liquid or foam.

How to clean the inside of the hood

Most dirt sticks to the hood filters. Therefore, they need to be removed and washed from time to time. Put all the removed parts in a bowl of sufficient depth and cover them with a solution of laundry soap, dishwashing detergent or vinegar diluted in equal parts with water. The heavier the dirt, the longer you need to soak them. In difficult cases, it can even take several hours. While the filters are soaking, wipe the inside of the hood with any grease-dissolving agent such as acid, dishwasher gel or baking soda. Then remove the soaked grease from the filters with a sponge, rinse them and replace them. When cleaning the hood from the inside, cover the hob with something to avoid having to clean it too.

How to clean the hood motor from grease

As a rule, the motor and fan of a range hood can be easily removed for cleaning. Do not forget to unplug the appliance from the socket first. You cannot soak these parts under the tap, so you will have to use a damp sponge. Wipe the impeller with it, then treat it with detergent and leave it to work for about an hour. Then clean and wipe all parts with water, also using a sponge.

How to deal with the hood grid

This is the most delicate part of the appliance, so it requires some care when cleaning. Remove the grid and place it in a baking tray filled with detergent solution to soak. When the dirt softens, remove it with a delicate tool - the hard side of a sponge or toothbrush. Metal scrapers are not suitable.

If the hood still does not pull

It may happen that cleaning the hood does not help and it still does not pull. This may mean that the problem is not in the appliance itself, but in the clogged ventilation duct to which it is connected. You will not be able to solve this problem on your own. Such work is carried out by masters who need to be called separately.

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