How long can you leave wet laundry in the washing machine: what affects

Wet clothes do not belong in the machine after the wash cycle is complete

Any modern washing machine has a delayed wash mode - you can leave the laundry overnight and take it out and hang it up in the morning. This means that the laundry will remain in the closed drum for some time. But in this case, over time, an unpleasant smell may appear, which can only be removed with a new wash. That's why many people are interested in the question of how long can wet laundry be kept inside the washing machine?

Sante Plus magazine says that the habit of leaving wet clothes in the drum is very bad. It not only damages the fabrics, but can also lead to a breakdown of the washing machine.

How can this damage the machine?

Most manufacturers advise you to take out clean clothes and laundry immediately after the wash is finished. This is because damp fabric creates conditions inside the mechanism for the development of mould and bacteria. This "filling" is not good for the sensitive electronics of the appliance in particular.

To prevent the problem, wet clothes should be removed as soon as possible. Also, leave the door ajar after washing. This will help to ensure that the appliance dries properly from the inside and provides good ventilation.

Can clothes left in the drum become mouldy?

The short answer is yes. If the clothes are left in the drum for a long time, they will at best become smelly and it will be very difficult to get rid of this smell. You will have to wash everything again, which is a waste of resources.

If the laundry is left inside the machine for a particularly long time, mould spores can get into the laundry. In this case, the fabric will develop characteristic stains and will need very serious treatment to get rid of this problem.

Why does the laundry smell bad after washing?

But it happens that machine-washed clothes smell bad even immediately after the cycle is complete. This can be due not only to moisture, but also to the accumulation of dirt on the internal parts of your washing machine. Usually, these are grease particles, lint and other residues that clog certain components. That's why it's always important to check your clothes thoroughly before washing, empty all pockets, sort them properly and choose a pre-soak to remove certain stains.

How long can I leave my clothes in the machine?

There is no definitive answer here - much depends on the type of fabric, the degree of previous contamination, the washing cycle, the type of detergent, the condition of the machine, and even the temperature and humidity in the room. However, all experts agree on one thing: the sooner you get wet clothes out and send them to dry, the better.

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