Emma Watson is having an affair with a businessman: who Hermione from "Harry Potter" has chosen as her new boyfriend

Emma Watson was spotted on a date in Italy

British actress Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series of wizard movies, got caught up on a date with an American businessman. The 33-year-old celebrity was vacationing in Italy in the company of Ryan Walsh, who works in technology.

The Sun journalists told The Sun about the actress' tastes for smart men. The editors noted that the beauty likes partners who can sparkle with intelligence (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The couple was spotted in Venice, where they did not hide their faces. Paparazzi managed to sneak pictures of the star with the businessman while walking on the water and having dinner at a restaurant.

Emma Watson laughed a lot and looked happy. Although she did not officially talk about the affair, foreign journalists were able to talk to a person close to the actress, who revealed more details about the star's relationship.

"Emma likes men who can match her intelligence. She's a very smart woman and she's had smart men. Ryan is also a very intelligent man, and Emma seems to enjoy spending time with him. They've known each other for some time," the anonymous comment said.

Note that six months ago, the "Harry Potter" star separated from billionaire Philip Green's son Brandon Green. They dated for 18 months. Brandon Green took his business talent from his father and is passionate about eco-activism.

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