Cyborgs star Andriy Isayenko tells how he fought with a Russian actor during filming

Andriy Isayenko tells how he got into a fight with a Russian actor

Famous Ukrainian actor Andriy Isayenko recalled a conflict on the set with a Russian actor that happened long before the full-scale invasion. The star of the movie Cyborgs and the TV series Dr. Baby Dust assured that he did not quarrel with his Russian colleagues if they behaved normally, but in case of "unmanly" behavior, he boldly defended his interests.

This is what happened the time Isayenko did not restrain his own fists. However, as always, the Russian was the first to attack. Although he pretended to be just playing a role. The Honored Artist of Ukraine shared the details in an interview with UNIAN.

"I quarreled only when they behaved unmanly. Once we had a fight scene with a Russian actor. We rehearsed it with him, and everything seemed to go well. But during the filming, he hit me three times in the middle of the head. The first time he said it was unintentional. The second time, I didn't understand what was happening, but I tried to talk to him again. He said dismissively: "Yes, let's do it already". After the third time, I also "accidentally" hit him in the face. And that was it, the conflict was over," the movie star said.

Cyborgs star Andriy Isayenko tells how he fought with a Russian actor during filming

Isayenko did not name the name of the colleague who had to be "accidentally" put in his place by a punch.

The actor also commented on the well-known fact that for a long time in independent Ukraine, the filmography was mixed with Russian, meaning that many projects were filmed in co-production. The main roles in this case always went to Russians, while Ukrainian actors were content with secondary characters. According to Isayenko, this was always very unpleasant, but he is glad that the situation has finally changed.

"The directors were not only more favorable to them but rather more accustomed to them. Producers told them who to work with. Until 2014, Ukrainian actors played only in the background. Why? It's simple. The customer of the series is from Russia, the money is Russian... It is profitable for the channel to shoot a project either in half with someone else or at its own expense, but then sell the product to Russia. And to get it bought in Russia, they had to hire their media actor. Then the cast was 50-50, and later Ukraine started to shoot exclusively its own content," the actor commented.

Earlier, Isayenko told us how he was offered to play one of the key roles in a Russian movie. At that time, the movie Cyborgs about the indomitable warriors defending Donetsk airport was about to be released. Isayenko said that it would be a cynical betrayal to go to Moscow for filming after playing a Ukrainian hero. However, the most interesting thing is not this, but the role the Ukrainian was offered to play in the film of the aggressor country.

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