An American woman spent more than $35,000 to turn her home into a pink Barbie house. And she really did it

American Manda Hansen turned her house into a Barbie-style home

Manda Hansen, 31, spent more than $35,000 to turn her Washington, D.C., home into a Barbie doll house. The American, who works as a graphic designer, used her skills to turn her dream into reality.

The woman said that although her family was satisfied with the neutral gray décor of the house, she found the atmosphere "boring." Hansen and her husband bought the house in 2017, according to The Mirror.

An American woman spent more than $35,000 to turn her home into a pink Barbie house. And she really did it

The American woman does not hide the fact that she has always been "obsessed with pink" and the Barbie aesthetic. Manda's previous home, which she bought at the age of 20, was also decorated according to her preferences.

Hansen has always admired Barbie

When the couple bought a property together, Hansen realized that she needed to make more "adult" decisions about decor and layout. However, she later realized that this did not match her inner world.

Manda realized she wanted to add color to the house

The woman decided to radically change the interior, returning to the Barbie aesthetic. "I started with pink walls and girly decorative elements," she said, adding that she has no regrets about her decision.

The renovation started with the kitchen

"The first place I started was my kitchen. It was the first room I put wallpaper in, and I was obsessed with how it changed the space," Manda says. Later, she added pink appliances and other décor that went well with the floral walls. It cost her about $3,000.

The next in line was the living room

The next room to undergo a transformation was the living room. The American woman covered the walls with shiny panels, which turned the space into a huge disco ball. She also added a pink shiny piano, brightly colored chairs, and a carpet. The renovation cost her 5 thousand dollars.

In the backyard, the American woman made an area with a swimming pool

Hansen took care not only of the interior but also of the exterior. A pink pool and bright tiles appeared in the backyard of the house, creating a "Barbie summer oasis" worth about 13 thousand dollars.

Hansen called it ''Barbie's summer oasis''

The couple spent more than 35 thousand dollars to create a dollhouse in real life. "I've always been a Barbie girl," the designer says, "I've always admired Barbie's incredible style and, most importantly, her iconic pink dream house."

There is also a garden with flowers in the backyard

Manda's favorite thing about her home is the hand-painted artwork on the doors. "The inside mural with flowers on the front door is definitely my favorite, and the simple 'have a nice day' that you can read every time you leave the house," she added. Hansen calls her husband Ken because he is always supportive and helpful.

Her husband always helps his beloved

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