Yulia Jima

Yulia Jima

Ukrainian biathlete
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Short biography

Yulia Valentynovna Dzhima is a Ukrainian Olympic biathlon champion.

Brief biography

Yulia Dzhima was born in Kiev, September 19, 1990 in the family of biathlete, Olympic participant Valentin Dzhima.

She received her higher education at Sumy State University, specializing in "foreign philology and social communications".

She took part in youth biathlon world championships, in the Canadian one, held in 2008, she confidently held the fourth place in the relay.

She joined the Ukrainian national biathlon team in 2011. In the first season she successfully passed the fourth stage of the World Cup in Germany, taking eighth place in the relay and 34th place in the individual race.

Julia Jima fully performed in the next season, having completed the whole season.

It was in 2012 that she won a silver medal in the World Championships in the relay discipline.

At the Winter Olympics held in Sochi in 2014, she won a gold medal in the 4x6 kilometer relay.

Julia Jima's achievements

Julia Jima has taken a total of two silver and one bronze medal in world championships. She won four times in the European Championships and achieved two silver and two bronze medals each.

Julia Jima's shooting accuracy, according to 2017-2018 data is 87%.

She is a holder of the Order of Ukraine "For Merit" of III and II degrees.

Personal life

As of 2019, Yulia Dzhima is not married and has no children as of yet.

Photos and popularity online

Most often online, Yulia Dzhima can be found on two of the most popular social networks.

  • Instagram. Julia Jima's Instagram page is quite popular and several thousand people are subscribed to it. In Instagram Julia posts photos from training and competitions, as well as very candid shots of her vacations in various parts of the world. At the same time, it should be noted that nude photos Julia Jima in principle does not publish.

  • Facebook. The athlete also maintains an account in the social network Facebook. On Twitter, however, she does not have her own page.

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