Oleksandr Khatskevich

Oleksandr Khatskevich

Ex-coach of FC Dynamo (Kyiv)
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Short biography

AleksandrKhatskevich is a famous Belarusian soccer player, head coach of FCDynamo(Kyiv).

Brief biography

Alexander Khatskevich was born on October 19, 1973 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

From 1990 to 1992 Khatskevich played for the double team of FC Dynamo (Minsk). In 1992, he moved to the main team of Dynamo Minsk, where he played until 1996.

In 1996, Oleksandr Khatskevich joined FC Dynamo (Kyiv) for the next eight years.

In 2004 Khatskevich signed a contract with Chinese club "Tianjin Teda" - with the Chinese Khatskevich played for one season.

The next year Khatskievich moved to the Latvian soccer club "Venta" (Kuldiga). But even there he stayed for only one season, eventually returning to Dynamo Minsk.

Khatskevich also played for the national soccer team of Belarus, taking part in 38 matches and scoring a total of four goals.

In 2007, Aleksandr Khatskevich started his coaching career at FC Dynamo (Minsk), where he was a playing coach.

However, in 2008 Khatskevich finally left FC Dynamo Minsk and finished his career as a player. He became the coach of the Belarusian club Vitebsk.

From 2010 to 2014, Oleksandr Khatskevich managed the youth team of Dynamo (Kyiv).

In 2014, Khatskevich accepted the post of head coach of the Belarusian national soccer team, but in 2016, after the failure of the qualifying stage of the 2018 World Cup, Khatskevich was fired from this position.

In 2017, Oleksandr Khatskevich was appointed head coach of FC Dynamo (Kyiv).

Khatskevich's resignation

Dynamo Kyiv president Igor Surkis decided to dismiss Oleksandr Kh atskevich from the post of the team's coach right in the course of the Champions League return match against Belgian side Brugge, which took place on August 13, 2019....

Oleksandr Khatskevich statistics

During his career as a player, Oleksandr Khatskevich played a total of 370 matches, scoring a total of 72 goals.

Under his leadership as a coach, Dynamo Kyiv earned the Super Cup of Ukraine and also reached the final of the Ukrainian Cup.

Among Oleksandr Khatskevich's personal achievements is the two-time title of footballer of the year in Belarus.

Personal life

The footballer is married. Wife of Oleksandr Khatskevich is Ilona. The couple raises two children - Artem and Vladislav.

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