Konstantin Bocharov (MELOVIN)

Konstantin Bocharov (MELOVIN)

Ukrainian singer
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Short biography

KonstantinBocharov (stage name - Melovin) is a Ukrainian singer.

Brief biography

Konstantin Bocharov was born on April 11, 1997 in Odessa.

He sang in the school choir and organized his own concerts for classmates at school.

In 2009 began training at the school of the Odessan People's Theatre "Samotsvety".

Bocharov took the pseudonym Melovin in 2013. At the same time, he founded the musical group "Big House Melovin". He developed his stage image, including the famous lenses. In fact, the answer to the question of what Melovin has with his eye is simple. Bocharov wears a single contact lens, complementing and emphasizing his unusual image with it.

Konstantin Bocharov received his higher education at the Glier Institute of Music in Kiev.

In 2015, Melovin successfully passed the casting for the show "X-Factor" on STB TV channel, and took part in the sixth season of the show, performing in the team of Igor Kondratyuk. Without ever being on the "to be excluded" list, he won the final of the show, singing a duet with Jamala.

In 2016, Melovin's first single, "Not Alone," was released.

Melovin twice participated in the national selection of Ukraine for the Eurovision Song Contest - in 2017 and 2018.

But only in 2018 Melovin won the national selection and was honored to represent Ukraine at Eurovision. However, Melovin ended up taking only 17th place at Eurovision .

An unexpected aspect of Melovin's popularity is fanfics. Fan stories about the singer have become widespread; currently, only one of the largest thematic resources,the Fanfiction Book, has published over three hundred works devoted to Melovin.

Melovin Songs

As of 2019, Konstantin Bocharov has released a total of two albums,Face To Face andOctopus. Also on his account are fourteen singles and five video clips. According to numerous critics and listeners, Melovin's best songs are:

  • "Under the ladder".

  • "With You With Me and the Year."

  • "Unbroken".

  • "Wonder".

  • "Face to face".

  • "With you".

  • "Shlyakh".

Network activity

  • Facebook. There are 14 thousand people subscribed to Melovin's official Facebook account.

  • Twitter. Although Melovin only started his Twitter page in 2017, he already has more than 12 thousand readers.

  • Instagram. The appearance of Melovin's fresh photos on Instagram is followed by 251 thousand users.

  • YouTube. Melovin's YouTube channel has more than a hundred thousand subscribers, and for the entire time of its existence, it has already collected almost sixteen million views.

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