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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage names Eminem and Slim Shady, was born on October 17, 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri. When the child was six months old, his father abandoned the family. Marshall was often left to live with relatives. With his mother, they moved from place to place all the time.

When Marshall was 12 years old, they finally settled in the East Side of Detroit, Michigan. This is where the boy got into a lot of trouble.

In the winter of 1983, Marshall was beaten so badly that he lay in a coma for ten days. In 1984, Marshall and his mother returned to Kansas City. At 13, Marshall begins to make up and record his own rap. Marshall became interested in rap music, he started rapping in school cafeterias, doing freestyles there, and eventually gained a reputation as a capable rapper. He takes the name Eminem.

At 15, Marshall meets his future wife, Kim Scott, at school. That same year, he starts his first rap group.

At 17, Marshall leaves school, after which he tries several odd low-paying jobs. Eminem performs live every night on a local radio station.

In 1995, Eminem made his debut as a member of Soul Intent, which also featured Proof (a former member of D-12 and Eminem's best friend) and DJ Butterfingers. Little is known about this release today. In 1996 Eminem recorded his first album "Infinite", which went unnoticed due to the oversaturation of Detroit hip-hop. Moreover, he was even accused of copying the style of rappers Nas and Az.

The famous dark-skinned rapper Dr. Dre has completely turned Eminem's life upside down. It is said that after hearing the freestyle of the guy, hiding under the pseudonym Slim Shady, on one of the many Los Angeles radio stations, Dre went on a real hunt for the white rapper from Michigan. He got his way, of course, and soon Eminem was signed to the Aftermath label. And that's when things started to take off for Slim Shady. The couple started working together, and soon the album "Slim Shady LP" (1999) was released, which became a bestseller.

The disc's popularity was particularly boosted by the success of the video for "My Name Is", which was frequently aired on MTV. Eminem's controversial and poignant lyrics began to cause widespread controversy. Some people thought that the rapper reveals the evils of society, others thought that he incites hatred towards certain categories of society (women, gays) and people in general. Some found him witty and brash, others found him rude and shallow.

Between the first and second albums Eminem managed to make a mark on his teacher's CD - "Dr. Dre 2001". Eminem's second full-length "The Marshall Mathers LP" appeared in the spring of 2000 and again caused a lot of controversy. As the title says, the rapper spoke not on behalf of an imaginary character, but on his own behalf. The behavior of the artist only heated up the passions that flared up around him: he beat up the face of a man he thought his wife was kissing in a bar, or unflatteringly referred to his mother in one of his songs (his parent sued him for that). Numerous public organizations spoke out against Eminem. The Gay and Lesbian Association said they would boycott Eminem's Grammy nomination. Nevertheless, at the Grammy-2001 Eminem received three awards, thanking everyone who accepted his album as music and not as a reason for scandal.

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