Denys Berinchik

Denys Berinchik

Ukrainian boxer
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Short biography

Denis Berinchik is a famous Ukrainian boxer, Olympic medalist.

Short biography

Denis Berinchik was born on May 5, 1988 in Krasnodon, Luhansk region.

He graduated from Kyiv National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine.

His victorious debut in amateur ring was the first place at the FIVB championship in 2010.

Already in 2011 Berynchyk fought for the victory in the World Boxing Championship, which was held in Azerbaijan, and reached the semifinals.

In 2012 Berinchik took part in the London Olympics, performing in the lightweight category. As a result, he won the silver medal at that summer Olympics. Denis Berinchik was also remembered by the public for dancing the Ukrainian gopak after each of his fights at the Olympics.

The same year, as a member of the "Ukrainian Atamans" team, Berinchik took part in the World Boxing Series tournament. In the tournament he became famous for his stage work - each of his fights started and ended with a new performance. Berinchik went to the ring on a motorcycle and on a horse, appeared in the costume of Ukrainian kozak, with a mace and in trousers, and once even went to the ring in a full-size costume of the Olympic Bear.

In 2015, after signing a contract with K2 Promotions of the Klitschko brothers, he began his professional career.

In the fall of 2018, he performed in the TV show "Dancing with the Stars".

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Personal life

Denis Berinchik is married. His wife, Liana, helps the boxer in his career. The couple is raising their daughter Madina. Berinchik's newborn son died in 2018 in the second week of his life.

Online activity

In addition to his own official website, Denis Berinchik can be found on the Internet in the most popular social networks:

  • Facebook: several thousand people are subscribed to Berinchik's personal Facebook page.

  • Instagram: new photos of Berinchik on Instagram are constantly followed by 52.5 thousand followers.

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