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Cynthia Anne Crawford was born on February 20, 1966 in Illinois, USA. Cindy is the second daughter of four children. Her parents are now divorced.

Her successful modeling career began when she worked in a cornfield earning some money for the summer. A photographer's camera from a local newspaper caught her. This later convinced Cindy to try a modeling career. Cindy received a scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University but after her first semester, she realized a modeling career was more lucrative than a chemical engineering career.

1986, after moving to New York City, Cindy became a true supermodel (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful models who ever lived on our sinful Earth). And one of the highest paid models.

She has also advertised various products for companies such as Pepsi, Revlon. Her image can be seen on the covers of over four hundred international magazines (e.g. Playboy). She has also made calendars, with half of the proceeds going to the fight against leukemia. Cindy has starred in an exercise course ("The Perfect Body") and landed a $3 million, three-year contract with Revlon. Among other things, Cindy has starred in commercials for JH Collectibles and Capezio Bags, as well as a series of lingerie ads for Hennes & Mauritz in Europe. The Norwegian police tore the billboards off the walls because they feared that drivers would be too distracted by them. Early in her career Cindy was called "Baby Gia," but after Gia Carangi died, Cindy changed her lifestyle.

Cindy did a nude shoot for Playboy (July 1988 issue). Afterwards, she said: "I don't mind if somebody wants to hang my picture on their wall if it makes somebody feel good. It's a beautiful and easy way for me to make them feel good."

In December 1991, Cindy married actor Richard Gere. They were married in a small church in Las Vegas, hastily exchanging aluminum rings (made right there from gum wrappers), and celebrating the momentous occasion at a nearby bistro with hamburgers and beer.

In 1991 suspicion of lesbianism fell upon Cindy, she was seen kissing Chris Turlington. On May 6, 1994, the London Times ran a full page ad in which Cindy and Richard Gere stated, "We are heterosexual and take our commitment to each other very seriously." The page ad cost $30,000.

In May 1998, Cindy married for the second time. The lucky man was Randy Gerber. They met in the summer of 1983 in a New York photo studio, advertising swimwear. Between the charming country girl who dreamed of a career as a top model, and a handsome student, moonlighting as a mannequin, love immediately broke out. "He was my first great love in life. I had my first orgasm with him in the backseat of his used Mustang," Crawford would later say.

By the way, with her first husband, movie star Richard Gere, she met at the Gerber house, and under rather curious circumstances. Coming out of the shower, Cindy, wrapped in a small towel, saw the famous actor next to his friend.

Out of confusion, she stumbled and... the towel came undone. Seeing the top model in all her glory, Gere was blown away. Staying a friend of celebrities, Gerber has played a major role in their reunion, and only he of all the many friends had the honor to be a witness at the wedding of a model and movie star in Las Vegas on December 24, 1991. But the marriage between the two stars was unsuccessful - three years later they separated.

But calculating and ambitious Cindy three months after the "Mustang" has left a poor student, becoming the mistress of the famous photographer Victor Skrebnevsky, nicknamed the Creator of models. Through his efforts, the daughter of an unemployed man from the Illinois countryside, within two years she became a major sex symbol of America. Living with Skrebnevsky (as well as all those who made her expensive gifts), Cindy had not forgotten about her first love: with her money Gerber graduated from Harvard Business School, and then bought his first nightclub, which he named after his beloved "Sindirella. All these years Randy was content with his position as "best friend to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Remaining the same vain hick, Cindy dreamed of remarrying one of Hollywood's celestials. With the help of Randy, she tried to wrap George Clooney, Don Johnson and even Robert De Niro.

Passing the thirty-year mark, Cindy began to think seriously about marital happiness, which she could not find in Hollywood. And then she turned her eyes on its "alternate airfield"-Randy Gerber, who compared with other candidates a number of advantages: relatively young, handsome, very rich, in bed - the ideal lover. Last Christmas, the model, stepping over her own pride, proposed to her best friend.

Their marriage was a stark contrast to that first wedding six years earlier. This time it was an extravagant ceremony on the beach in the Bahamas island of Paradise, where the bride walked barefoot in a white silk dress with flowers in her hair and the groom wore black jeans and a white tank top shirt.

According to rumors, Cindy did not deny herself the pleasure of inviting her famous lovers to the wedding: Richard Gere, Sly Stallone and George Clooney.

Cindy and Randy have two children, a boy, Presley Walker, born in 1999, and a daughter, Kaya Jordan, born in 2001. Notably, the birth of both children took place at home.

Cindy Crawford currently resides in Malibu. The supermodel is engaged in charity for the benefit of children suffering from leukemia. The reason for this was the death of her brother, who died at an early age from the disease. Also Cindy has her own charitable website Little Star Foundation, through which she helps needy and abandoned children.

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