"We have to do it now": Vice-Chancellor of Germany urges European countries to unify arms production

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Although Germany is doing a lot, it is still not using all the opportunities

European countries should coordinate the production of advanced weapon systems to increase the effectiveness of assistance to Ukraine and ensure their own security. A decision needs to be made and a process needs to be established.

This statement was made by German Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck during the Munich Security Conference. This was reported by Ukrinform.

"We need to identify the best systems and start producing them everywhere. The same type. We need to make a decision and establish a process. We need to do it now," the Vice Chancellor said.

According to him, this has not happened yet for three reasons: national pride (some countries are proud of their technologies and do not want to allow European companies to participate in the production process); fear of job losses and their transfer to other countries; and the hope that the situation will soon normalize and therefore there is no need to invest in weapons.

"The old days will not return, at least not soon. That is why we need to invest in the defense industry," Habeck emphasized.

In his opinion, it could have been started two years ago, but there was a great hope for "eternal peace" in Europe after the end of the Cold War.

Regarding assistance to Ukraine, Habeck reiterated his position that Germany is doing a lot, but still does not use all the opportunities.

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