"We cannot allow it": Taiwanese government calls to help Ukraine in the war against Russia

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Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. Source: Wiktor Dabkowski/Global Look Press

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu called on the world to continue to help Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. According to him, security in Europe and Asia now depends on the West's position.

The diplomat also emphasized that Kyiv's firm support is a strengthening of itself in the confrontation with the coalition of authoritarian regimes of Russia and China. The head of Taiwan's diplomatic mission wrote about this in a column in the American magazine Foreign Affairs.

According to him, it is time to abandon the vision of post-Cold War peace, in which the regimes in Moscow and Beijing will become responsible participants in the international order. Joseph Wu argues that a contested peace has now emerged that suffers from authoritarian aggression, the most dangerous example of which is the "boundless partnership" between China and Russia, through which the two countries support each other's repressive expansionist programs.

The Taiwanese foreign minister emphasized that some politicians believe that international support for Ukraine against Russian aggression diverts attention and resources from countering Chinese aggression, which is why democracies like Taiwan have allegedly become more vulnerable.

However, Joseph Wu reminded that since the second half of 2023, China has been providing military support to Russia, with the exception of lethal weapons, which is a significant shift compared to the initial phase of Russia's war with Ukraine, when Beijing took a somewhat more neutral stance. The diplomat warned that China has now clearly decided that it is very interested not only in supporting Russia, but also in changing the geopolitical landscape in Europe.

"We cannot allow a world order to emerge in this century in which authoritarian regimes can eradicate justice and freedom. In the coming years, the fate of Taiwan, like the fate of Ukraine, will be the most important test that democratic countries of the world must not fail," the Taiwanese Foreign Minister said.

As a reminder, China continues to build up its military and nuclear capabilities on a scale unprecedented since World War II. Analysts are confident that Beijing is committed to its ambitions for Taiwan and is ready to commit military aggression against the island nation in the coming years.

Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to return Taiwan in his New Year's address. He called "reunification" with the island nation a "historical necessity."

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