Luring refugees online: Spain detain men who sold Ukrainian women into sexual slavery

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Spain detains criminal group that held Ukrainian refugees in sexual slavery. Source: Europol

A criminal group that sold women into sexual slavery was arrested in Spain. The victims of the group were mostly refugees from Ukraine and citizens of Belarus.

This was reported by Europol. It is noted that the attackers lured their victims with promises to organize refugee visas, financial support and work for them.

According to media reports, the gang was arrested on May 24. It consisted of five people: one Spanish citizen, two Russians and two Ukrainians. Law enforcement identified 14 victims of the group. During the searches, the detainees were found to have two luxury cars, cash, electronic equipment, labor contracts for work in the service sector and other documents related to the club where the victims were exploited.

According to the article, the criminals had been operating since 2020. They found their victims on the Internet, mostly through social media, posing as managers of a recruitment agency. The victims were offered a "job" as hostesses at the entrance to the establishment. The alleged traffickers then exploited the women in a brothel in El Ejido, Spain.

It is noted that the criminal group received huge illegal profits from the exploitation of a large number of women. The victims lived in three houses provided by the same person who ran the nightclub. By isolating the women from the rest of society, the traffickers tried to minimize the risks of police discovery or escape, allowing them to keep, control and fully exploit the victims.

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