Trump negotiates Ukrainian territories with Putin - Politico

Trump boasts of good relations with Putin
Trump boasts of good relations with Putin

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was stated by two former Trump national security officials who are likely to serve during his second term.

This was reported by Politico. According to the article, Trump is considering an agreement under which NATO pledges not to expand eastward, particularly to Ukraine and Georgia, and is negotiating with Putin over "how much of Ukraine's territory Moscow can keep."

"According to one national security expert familiar with Trump's thinking, who asked to remain anonymous, Trump would be open to something that would exclude NATO expansion and not go back to 1991 borders for Ukraine. That would be on the table. But that doesn't mean ruling out any other possibility, including supplying large quantities of weapons to Ukraine," the newspaper writes.

In April, The Washington Post reported that Trump's preliminary plan also includes pressure on Ukraine to hand over Crimea and the Donbas border area to Russia.

"I would expect a very quick deal to end the conflict," said Kevin Roberts, president of The Heritage Foundation, an influential think tank affiliated with Trump.

Trump himself has not publicly disclosed his plans for Ukraine. However, during the campaign, he repeatedly promised to end the war as one of his first priorities, saying he would do so "before he even get to the Oval Office, shortly after winning the presidency," during a June 22 rally in Philadelphia. When asked in a June 21 podcast about his readiness to withdraw the question of Ukraine's accession to NATO, Trump replied that the promise of NATO membership was a "mistake" and the reason "why this war started."

In addition, Trump plans that when he becomes president, European countries will not only dramatically increase their spending on NATO but will also create a "radical reorientation" in the alliance. Trump is unlikely to abruptly withdraw from NATO. However, even if he does not officially withdraw from the organization, this does not mean that NATO will not undergo changes during his second term.

Earlier, it was reported that NATO is preparing a number of measures to strengthen long-term support for Ukraine in case former President Donald Trump wins the US election. The plans include sending a high-ranking civilian official to Kyiv and establishing a new command in Germany.

As a reminder, US President Joe Biden and former leader Donald Trump met in the first round of election debates. The politicians exchanged mutual accusations, spoke about the state of the country's economy, touched on abortion, the situation at the border, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and the wars in Ukraine and Israel.

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