"There are good prospects": Zelenskyy hints at opportunities in foreign intelligence that Ukraine can use. Video

Today is a busy day. Source: THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy hinted at opportunities in foreign intelligence that Ukraine could use. According to him, there are very good prospects in this context.

The President made this statement during his evening video address on Tuesday, July 2. The video was published by the Presidential Office.

"There were several important reports today. The head of the Foreign Intelligence Service has just reported. A clear range of issues – what threatens us and the opportunities we can take advantage of. There are good prospects," he said.

The President also said that today Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Ukraine for the first time in many years and for the first time since the beginning of the war. It is important that this visit took place immediately after the start of Hungary's EU presidency.

According to Zelenskyy, this is a clear signal of the need to maintain unity and joint action in Europe.

"We talked a lot about the path to peace, and it is to a just peace, a lasting, honest peace. I thanked them for participating in the Peace Summit and for supporting the communiqué. I spoke about what we have already achieved with our partners in the work between the summits, preparing for the second Peace Summit. There are good developments, and there will be even more. I invited Hungary and Prime Minister Orban to join the relevant efforts. We also have good bilateral results. Overall, we see that these are completely different relations between Ukraine and Hungary: concrete, and we take into account mutual interests. We have agreed on various details – economic and political – that our teams will deal with. And it is very important that we outline our relations, our achievements in a new document - an agreement that will define good neighborliness for Ukraine and Hungary," he said.

The President also said that he had spoken with Mark Rutte, who today completed his work in the Dutch government and will now work in the North Atlantic Alliance.

"I thanked him for his support over the years: Without exaggeration, the Netherlands helped save thousands and thousands of lives of our people. Ukraine will always be grateful for this. I also wish the new Dutch government and the new Prime Minister success and truly effective leadership," he explained.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal also made a lengthy and detailed report. Government officials have begun to work actively in the regions, particularly in Donetsk Oblast, where there are many social and infrastructure problems. There are already draft government decisions on water supply, reconstruction, and providing people with the necessary supplies. Officials will continue to work in other regions that have particular problems due to the war.

"The Prime Minister reported on measures to protect energy facilities: active protection, emergency response and everything else. He also reported on reconstruction and our work with European partners to expand electricity imports to Ukraine. We are now fully choosing the volume of imports agreed with the EU, and I am grateful to all our neighbors for this help. We are doing everything we can to increase imports, and this should be a European solution. Our government officials are working on the relevant agreement," Zelenskyy said.

He also added that he had instructed Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov to prepare an analysis of telecom operators and communication guarantees during power outages. Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko was instructed to inform people about the state of work in the energy sector and existing deficits.

Zelenskyy emphasized that the government should work more actively to provide our people and companies with everything they need to overcome this difficult period.

"I also instructed the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, who is currently on a visit to the United States, to obtain specific dates: when the additional Patriot systems we have agreed with our partners will be delivered. I thank everyone who is really working hard for Ukraine and Ukrainians! I thank everyone who believes in Ukraine, who brings the results Ukraine needs closer!" he summarized.

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday, July 2, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Ukraine. He arrived in Kyiv to meet with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This is the first visit to Ukraine by a Hungarian politician since the beginning of the full-scale war.

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