The gap between Ukraine and Russia is narrowing, but we still need more air defense systems - Defense Ministry

Strengthening Ukraine's air defense is a priority. Source:

New military aid packages coming to Ukraine from allies and partners are gradually closing the gap between the capabilities of Ukrainian and Russian forces. However, our country still needs more air defense systems and long-range weapons.

This was stated by First Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk. He noted that military assistance from the United States has already significantly enhanced the capabilities of the Armed Forces.

Havryliuk emphasized that the new batches of weapons and equipment will help to reduce the offensive potential of the Russian army faster.

"Despite the powerful pressure of the Russians, the introduction of new reserves, superiority in artillery, equipment, soldiers, and dominance in the sky, the Defense Forces manage to deter the aggressor and inflict significant losses in manpower and equipment. New military assistance packages from the allies are gradually narrowing the gap between the capabilities of Ukrainian and Russian forces," he said.

The lieutenant general also reminded that during the 23rd meeting in the Ramstein format, agreements were reached to provide Ukraine with additional air defense systems and missiles. He emphasized that strengthening Ukraine's air defense is a priority.

"We are grateful to Germany and Italy, which are already providing us with new systems," he added.

Havryliuk also emphasized that the speed of decision-making in times of war is extremely important, and any delay only increases the cost of war.

In addition, he emphasized the need to destroy enemy aircraft in their places of stationing, launchers, arsenals with bombs, missiles and logistics bases of the Russian army, where they form strike groups, refuel, replenish ammunition.

"To implement such tactics on a wider scale, we need more different long-range weapons. More high-precision and long-range weapons in the arsenal of the Defense Forces will allow us to compensate for Russia's numerical superiority in artillery, armored vehicles, and manpower," Havryliuk summarized.

Earlier, it was noted that the United States allowed the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use American weapons up to 100 kilometers deep into Russian territory. This means that the main airfields from which guided bombs are launched against Ukraine cannot be hit.

It has also become known that the occupying forces have suspended their military operations in the Kharkiv region. In addition, the Russians are forced to withdraw their units for manning due to heavy losses in personnel.

Recently, the United States has authorized the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strike with American weapons at all targets dangerous to Ukraine "anywhere" in Russia. Now we are talking not only about enemy forces on the border of Kharkiv region.

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