Russia has changed its tactics of strikes on Ukraine: British intelligence gives reason and points to a nuance with Crimea

Russian aircraft. Source: X/Defense of Ukraine

In June 2024, Russian troops constantly maintained pressure on the front line in Ukraine with the help of tactical aviation. At that time, the occupiers continued to strike at rear infrastructure and military targets with kamikaze drones.

However, over the past week, the enemy has changed this tactic. This was reported by the UK Ministry of Defense, citing its intelligence.

It is noted that from June 12 to 18, Russian long-range aviation shifted the focus of its cruise missile strikes to Ukrainian air bases.

Experts are convinced that this was caused by frustration over the success of Ukrainian air strikes. It is also likely that the change in tactics underscores the aggressor country's concerns about Ukraine's future use of F-16s.

In addition, a series of coordinated attacks by the Defense Forces against Russian military targets in the temporarily occupied Crimea resulted in the destruction of critical elements of the Russian Federation's S-300 and S-400 air defense missile systems.

"These successes underscore the Russians' struggle to protect their assets in Crimea, despite their pride and the significant economic costs of air defense. While it is likely that Russia will be able to replace the systems quickly, continued attrition will likely force it to use equipment from other areas, as it has done in the past, if it wants to maintain its air defense coverage density," the British intelligence officers said.

In their opinion, further successful Ukrainian attacks on enemy airfields (for example, Mozdok, Akhtubinsk, and Morozovsk) are likely to force the occupiers to continue their policy of dispersing their aviation farther from the front line.

Experts are convinced that this will lead to even greater exhaustion of Russian aircraft and crews, as flight time will increase. British intelligence does not rule out that the loss of a Su-34 fighter-bomber in North Ossetia a week ago was due to this.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, about 15 air defense systems of the Russian Armed Forces have been damaged in the temporarily occupied Crimea over the past two months. At least the launchers, control centers, and radar surveillance equipment of the occupiers were damaged.

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