Rheinmetall will soon deliver Skynex SAMs to Ukraine: what is known about them

Ukrainian army to receive two newest systems soon

The German defence company Rheinmetall will supply Ukraine with two Skynex air defence systems in the coming months. They have a gun that can destroy drones or cruise missiles very cheaply and effectively.

This was reported by the company's press service. The success of the Gepard shows the importance of gun-type air defence, especially when intercepting cruise missiles and drones.

That is why the Ukrainian army will soon receive two of the latest Skynex systems.

"In the second half of 2023, Ukraine will receive two advanced Skynex air defence systems, including air-to-air munitions. The Skynex systems will be installed on new Rheinmetall HX 8x8 military trucks," the statement said.

It should be noted that Skynex is a German short-range anti-aircraft artillery system designed to defeat drones, helicopters, cruise missiles and even low-altitude aircraft in the face of electronic warfare. Although its main purpose is still seen as the destruction of drones, in particular kamikaze drones.

Its main weapon is a 35-mm Oerlikon Mk3 automatic cannon, which has an effective range of 4000 metres and a rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute. The gun module is equipped with an X-Band tracking radar, which provides an autonomous target acquisition function, making targeting simple and fast.

Skynex uses AHEAD 35mm programmable ammunition developed by Rheinmetall. They are significantly cheaper than similar air defence systems based on guided missiles. In addition, these munitions, unlike anti-aircraft missiles, are not subject to electronic countermeasures during firing.

Skynex also includes the Oerlikon Skymaster command and control system, a universal command and control solution that allows remote control of the system from another location, which significantly expands the capabilities of ground-based air defence.

Rheinmetall will soon deliver Skynex SAMs to Ukraine: what is known about them

As a reminder, CEO Armin Papperger said that Rheinmetall will be able to protect its plant in Ukraine from Russian attacks.

Earlier, Papperger said that the plant would start operating in October 2023. The company will operate in the western part of the country and will not only produce tanks and other armoured vehicles but also train Ukrainians to maintain them.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Rheinmetall is also working on creating a service centre for military equipment transferred to Ukraine as part of military aid from Western countries. The centre will be located in Romania, Ukraine's neighbour.

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