Occupiers Want to Throw 18-Year-Old Graduates Into War, OVA Chairman

The Russian occupiers, due to insane losses at the front, are trying to compensate for them in any way they can. In particular, on the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk Region, the Russians hope to replenish their forces at the front from June 2023 with schoolchildren who will be 18 years old and graduates of higher education institutions.

The head of the Luhansk OVA Artem Lysogor announced in Telegram. According to him, in case of successful defense of diploma works young people will be sent directly to the war.

"Those who a few months ago were sent to complete their studies at the university, in the summer will be able to return to the front. If they successfully defend their thesis," Lysogor said.


As a reminder: on the morning of June 13, a report from the AFU General Staff reported that despite the fact that Russia was constantly sending more and more occupants to the front lines, the invaders were still experiencing a shortage of personnel in some parts of the front. In order to compensate for losses in personnel, one of the enemy units operating in the Svatovsk district of the Luhansk region received additional personal reserves among the mobilized individuals, many of whom were being treated and rehabilitated due to mental disorders.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- Russia has taken to recruiting orphans for the war against Ukraine. Young Russians who do not have families are lured with promises of housing;

- Military registration and enlistment offices in Russia have started a new "hunt" for Russians, and contracts for service in the occupation army are forced to be signed not only forcibly, but also by deception - while voicing plans to take over the whole of Ukraine. However, the fact is obvious: the losses of the Russian army are so great that the odious "figures" of the aggressor country are already forced to admit it.

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