"It's their mental eternal trauma": the Ministry of Defence explains why Russians react to the Ukrainian counter-offensive

Maliar told what task the occupiers had set for themselves

Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Hanna Maliar explained why the Russians are reacting so painfully to the successful counter-offensive actions of our Defence Forces. According to her, the reason is the "mental trauma" of the aggressor country's residents.

Psychologically, the invaders can more easily tolerate their own unsuccessful offensive than the loss of previously occupied foreign lands. Maliar wrote about this in her Telegram channel.

"The motivation "not to lose" the occupied lands will be much stronger than the motivation to "seize" our lands. This is their eternal mental trauma... It demoralises and demotivates them irreparably. They will not gather their own troops afterwards, because the fighters, like in Kharkiv region, will start refusing to follow orders en masse," she said.

In view of this, the enemy's main task now is to stop the Ukrainian offensive at any cost. To this end, the enemy is resorting to blowing up dams, mining fields, continuous shelling, sabotage, inflating the situation in the information field and even threatening to blow up nuclear facilities.

Maliar emphasised that stopping our counter-offensive is a maximum task for the occupiers, and at the very least, they want to significantly complicate and slow down the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and, in the meantime, prepare their own counter-offensive.

"So we have to understand this. It is really hard for our troops now. It is very difficult. But they are moving forward. They are confident. After all, we are fighting a just war. And this is our strength," the deputy defence minister added.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- The Armed Forces of Ukraine have "cleared" the enemy's bridgehead on the western bank of the Siverskyi Donets-Donbas Canal. This success was confirmed by the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi.

- Footage of the operation to liberate Rivnopil in Donetsk region was posted online. The Ukrainian soldiers fired on the Russian invaders with various types of weapons, forcing the enemy to flee.

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