"This is discrimination!" Russia demanded "respectful treatment," saying that "we must play by the rules"

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Oleg Matytsin outraged by restrictions on Russian athletes

The Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin, commenting on the decision of the International Judo Federation (IJF), called these restrictions discrimination. On the eve of the IJF Executive Committee allowed Russians to participate in the 2023 World Cup in the status of neutral athletes and only after a special check.

"We have not seen anything new. We continue to remain committed to the principle that it discriminates against our athletes, even though we have been granted neutral status. Sport should remain outside of politics, domestic sport deserves to be treated with respect, we have to play by the rules. We'll see how the situation develops," Matytsin said in an interview with TASS.


Such a passage by the head of the Russian Ministry of Sports provoked a strong reaction from Russian fans. Many immediately recalled the shelling of Uman.

"After Uman Mr. Matytsin and his friends hardly deserve any respect. He really doesn't understand anything or..."



Users believe that Russian officials themselves have gone to great lengths to make the Russians disappear from international tournaments.


"The last thing any Matytsin and others like him have the moral right to talk about discrimination against athletes from Russia."


Fans wonder what has happened lately that the country has been banned.

"As always, everyone around here is a bad, nasty radish, and we're d'Artagnan. They whine like nothing has happened in this time. At least write a more down-to-earth methodology and read it, you miserable pinchers."


Matytsin is explained that the non-participation of Russians can in no way be called "discrimination".

Fans are convinced that professional sports on state money with such officials cannot be out of politics.

"Since they think that "like" they give athletes "their" money, and athletes should dance to their tune, they cover themselves with "patriotism." It's the same way a clingy fish thinks it's running the shark:) Politics is just as much a profession, but so far it has the same reputation as the pissants... Okay, everyone has already seen that unruly politics leads to mobilization for war."


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